Our Father in the Year of the Wolf

Dave Harrity

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Subject Category: Poetry
Length: 71 pages
Size: 7 1/2 x 10 inches
Binding: paper
Published: March 2016
ISBN: 978-1-60226-016-0


Our Father in the Year of the Wolf  tells the story of a cursed father and son—monsters forced to relive the sins of generations past. Through cyclical, lyric poems, Dave Harrity deftly braids together motifs from horror, pop-culture and biblical literature into a winding and complex narrative about the trauma and fragmentation of a rural family, our animal commonness, the chaos of our hidden violence and the brutalities of our histories come back to haunt us.

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Table of Contents

Author's Notes

Part One


Part Two

Second Law
Eggshells Around His House
In the Pasture that Penned His Horses
Potter's Field
Her Snow Globe
Not Simply Fashion Only Desires Design Over Functionality
If the Silver Could Be Given Back & Prophesies Erased

Part Three

To David [Morning in the Garage with Bone Saw, Chains, Yellow Rubber Gloves & His Numbers Station]
To Say It Like You Mean It the First Time
Mother's Crossword, #26 Down
To David [Afternoon in the Garage with Feathered Rods, High Lamp, Empty Quiver & His Numbers Station]
Declares Himself
& What Is Done So Easily in the Left Is Left
To David [Night in the Garage with Pliers, Wires, a Dead Motor & His Numbers Station]
Her: Coda

Part Four

& Now the Same Story, as Told in Tiny Slices
Men in Masks
Father in Middle Age, Just Before Nightfall
& His Ministers
That Room of Father's Cellar

Part Five

Our Father in the Year of the Wolf

Part Six

Threshing Floor
Something Closer to Ennui
I Was Told There Would Be Cake
Care for the Widow &/or Orphan
Litany of Aphorisms Learnt at Home

Part Seven

Nativity in Autumn Grays
To Absalom [for Naught]
Before Parting Water Being Prompted from the Shore
Story Clipped by Mother from the Funny Papers
To Absalom [of None]
The Only Time He Ever Cooked
To Absalom [in Mourning]
Blessed Are the Peacemakers & the Pieces Made

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