Until Everything Is Continuous Again

American Poets on the Recent Work of W. S. Merwin

edited by Jonathan Weinert and Kevin Prufer

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Subject Category: Literary Criticism
Length: 210 pages
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Published: August 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60226-011-5


W. S. Merwin is a defining writer for our age, a poet who, over the course of sixty years and more than forty books, has created a body of work of enormous range, ambition, and complexity. He has served as the United States Poet Laureate and is the recipient of almost every major American award for poetry, including the 2005 National Book Award and two Pulitzer Prizes, first in 1971 and again in 2009. In this volume, for the first time, fifteen poets and critics gather to discuss the last quarter century of his work, beginning with The Rain in the Trees, a collection of poems that marks a turning point in Merwin's career. At times personal and at times scholarly, these essays place the poet's recent work in the context of a lifetime of writing, and help us to understand how this seminal literary figure fits into the ongoing conversation of American poetry.

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Preface [PDF]

Raw Shore of Paradise: A Conversation with W. S. Merwin [PDF]

Table of Contents

Jonathan Weinert and Kevin Prufer

The Names of the Trees Where I Was Born: From Placelessness to Place in the Poetry of W. S. Merwin
Jonathan Weinert

To Merwin: The Ode as Tautology in Present Company
Lisa Russ Spaar

Origin, Presence, and Time in the Work of W. S. Merwin
Mark Irwin

A Forgotten Language
Eric Pankey

A Time of Memories Incorrect but Powerful: Reading The Rain in the Trees
Debra Kang Dean

Merwin's Evolving Protocols: On the Occasion of "The Day Itself"
Steven Cramer

The Act Finds Utterance: W. S. Merwin's "Substance"
Forrest Gander

Most of the Stories Have to Do with Vanishing
Matthew Zapruder

To Shine after It Has Gone: Resonance in W. S. Merwin's The Vixen
Jeanie Thompson

Prolegomena to Any Future Reading of The Folding Cliffs
H. L. Hix

Raw Shore of Paradise: A Conversation with W. S. Merwin
Jeanie Thompson and Jonathan Weinert

Millennial Merwin
Sarah Kennedy

The Shadow of Sirius: A Critical Conversation
Mark Halliday and Michael Theune

All of Memory Waking: Word and Experience in W. S. Merwin's The Shadow of Sirius
Jerry Harp

The Form of Absence
David Caplan

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