Great with Child

Debra Rienstra

book cover

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Subject Category: Memoir
Length: 298 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches
Binding: paper
Published: April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60226-003-0


"A beautiful meditation on spirituality, the body, and motherhood."

Brianna Van Dyke, from a review at the Ruminate blog (posted June 11, 2009)

"The true story of Rienstra's journey conceiving her third child, her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum depression. . . . a wonderful, emotional book about motherhood in all of its weak moments, as well as its glory."

Jennifer Melville, from a review at Story Circle Book Reviews

"By about page ten, most readers will wish they could sit down with Rienstra and have a heart-to-heart."

Lauren Winner, author of Girl Meets God, from a review in Books & Culture

"[Rienstra's] memoir tells the truth in a way that few books about parenthood do. . . . A new or expectant mother is much more likely to find herself, and thereby solace, in these pages than in how-to books written by those for whom the sleeplessness and tumult of infant care is a distant memory."

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"By turns lyrical, sassy, witty and reverent, Debra Rienstra reclaims the spiritual power of a woman's body, mind and soul."

Bonni Goldberg, author of The Spirit of Pregnancy

"Celebratory, reflective, and gloriously true, Great with Child is the thinking woman's companion guide to pregnancy."

Lorilee Craker, author of When the Belly Button Pops, the Baby's Done

"Combines a richly informed feminism with an equally informed faith."

Jill Lightner, from a review at

"A polished meditation on the body, on creativity and change, on the relations between men and women, and on our relationship to God."

Trudy Bush, associate editor of The Christian Century, from a review in The Christian Century

"The experience of pregnancy and childbearing can be a profound source of spiritual growth for women, but it is one that has remained largely unexplored. In Great with Child, Debra Rienstra brings us far on the fascinating journey of understanding the power and meaning of birth."

Frederica Mathewes-Green, author of Gender: Men, Women, Sex and Feminism

"An important new voice in feminist spirituality."

Norah Piehl, from a review in Brain, Child